Casey's Creative Connections

Class Descriptions

Connecting the brain, body and imagination through exploration and expression!

P = Preschool     E = Elementary     MS = Middle School     HS = High School

Class curriculum is developed based on the age of the participants.

All classes are developmental allowing children to learn concepts of each subject through play, exploration, imagination, participation and fun; at their own level. Curriculum is designed to include artistic and educational concepts in a fun manner. National standards and age level goals in each art form as well as age appropriate academic skills are incorporated and reinforced through class activities.

Descriptions below are general. Each class is designed based upon the unique dynamics of each class.
If you're interested in a class that you do not see listed, please email us at and let us know.

Art Classes

See why we were voted the 2009 Nickelodeon Parents’ Pick for Best Art class!

Art Exploration/Mixed Media - P, E

Let your young Artist create hands on Art projects that explore mixed media through fun and engaging process focused activities. Students will use their imaginations to create and explore 2D and 3D projects utilizing a wide variety of media including, but not limited to clay, paint, water colors, pencil, collage, sand, and so much more! This is a great opportunity for any young Artist that loves to create. The Elements of Art will be explored through engaging mixed media fun and classes will also include kid friendly Art History and Artist information. Children will love the opportunities to explore and learn about Art and will also expand their imagination and creativity. Each class is based upon age appropriate concepts and students’ interests.

Illustrations/Storybook Art - P, E

Become an illustrator! Learn how to illustrate your own books, cartoons, stories and more! Utilize classic children’s stories to explore exciting mixed media projects. Students will explore the work of famous children’s illustrators and create their own interpretations utilizing various media.

Special Projects in Art - E

This advanced level class allows older students the opportunity to learn specialized technique and skills in selected Art forms. Class may include learning several specialized Art mediums or an intense focus on just one Art medium. Techniques of Jewelry Making, Drawing and Painting are options for this course. Additional technique classes may also be offered depending on specific instructor availability. Please inquire about specific options.

Dance Classes

Ballet I - E

Dancers will learn the fundamentals of classical ballet technique and terminology by participating in a high energy class that involves creativity and focus. Ballet class will include the traditional ballet barre and center exercises along with fun games that challenge students mentally and physically. Dancers will not just learn the basics of ballet, they will also develop their own rhythm, musicality, memory skills, and their creative voice as well as expand their knowledge of dance concepts. Healthy alignment, improvisation, and choreography are also incorporated as part of the developmentally appropriate ballet class.

Ballet II - E

Ballet II is for Dancers with some previous Ballet experience. Dancers will expand classical ballet knowledge, terminology and technique through barre work, floor exercises and choreography while emphasizing strength, flexibility, coordination, alignment, muscle toning & musicality. Classes are offered in a supportive learning environment, nurturing a personal sense of well-being and creativity.

Ballet and Tap Combo - E

Children will have the opportunity to explore the yin and the yang of dance in Ballet and Tap. Dancers will learn the grace and structure of ballet and then turn around and work with the rhythm and grounded movement of tap. Each class will be split between the two dance techniques and the dancers will be asked to unearth the similarities and differences of ballet and tap. Tap shoes required.

Creative Movement/Dance - P, E

Children are introduced to movement through exploration of the elements of Dance. Students explore basic movement concepts such as pathways, directionality, musicality, rhythm, shape, size, speed and levels. Utilizing creativity, imagination and exploration children also develop spatial and body awareness; cooperation, communication and social skills as well as loco- and non-loco motor skills in a fun and nurturing environment. Classes are based on age and experience level of students. The emphasis is on the Concepts of Movement and Dance as opposed to technique. Classes are based on student age and level. Concepts are explored at various depths depending on student age, interest and abilities. This is an active and fun opportunity for BOYS and girls! A fun exploration of Movement that expands learning!

Dance Mix - E

Students will explore various dance styles, including jazz, modern, hip hop, Latin, ballroom, international and more! This is an active camp that allows students to learn the basic movement concepts, steps and choreography of a variety of dance styles. With its emphasis on the concepts of dance—as opposed to just technique—this course is ideal for all lovers of dance, regardless of gender or skill level. Come explore the world of dance and discover the joy found in expressive movement!

Dancing Around the World - E

Take a trip around the world with Dances from places near and far. Take a trip through the USA to learn dances from Hawaii, Texas and New York. Travel abroad to learn exciting dances from Ireland, Scotland, Israel, Mexico and more. Bring your passport and your dancing shoes for an active time learning about various cultures through Dance.

Jazz Dance - E

This class will expose students to different jazz styles dance and introduce Jazz technique, choreography and skills. Students will also learn the history of Jazz. Emphasis will be placed on developing rhythmic awareness, choreography and individual expression.

Hip Hop - E

Hip Hop Dance is a looser form of movement. Hip Hop emulates the dance seen in a lot of current media; the upbeat music and simple movements have become popular as a fun form of Dance for dancers of all levels. As a "street based" and stylish form of dance, Hip Hop classes do not focus on specific technique, but allow for high energy Free style dance and choreography that also allows imagination and expression through movement. Age appropriate hip-hop style combinations and kid friendly popular Dances will be taught in addition to allowing students to find their own creative voice through free style movements and hip- hop style. This is an active form of Dance that is great for building coordination, strength and musicality for boys and girls. All music, dances and themes are carefully selected to ensure age appropriateness for young children.

Modern Dance - E

Dancers will explore movement, space, rhythm and creativity. This form of dance is inspired by nature, music, art, and human emotions. Dancers will strengthen their technique, body alignment as well as expanding their mind-body connection awareness.

Pre-Ballet - P

A fun and creative introduction to ballet class. Explore basic ballet technique through the dance concepts to nurture the whole dancer. Musicality, healthy alignment, improvisation, and choreography are all a part of this developmentally appropriate ballet class.

Theater Dance - E

Children will learn all about the elements of theater dance. Broadway Dance class will give students the opportunity to learn about different theatrical shows, presentation, and acquire basic jazz dance. During class children will learn dances from famous musicals along with the plot and history behind it.

Drama Classes

Creative Drama and Improv - E

Students will participate in Improv activities and Creative Drama games incorporating dramatic play utilizing books, music, movement and props. Students will learn how to "think on their feet", explore their own creativity and imaginations by creating scenes, scripts and more. Some classes are literature based and will provide knowledge of dramatic concepts in addition to literacy concepts and story structure development. Students will utilize drama games for exploration and creativity while also learning the foundation concepts of Drama as well as theater terminology and history. Readers Theater, plays and literature will also be included and created by students. A great opportunity for every child that likes to be creative!

Musical Theater - E

Students will learn about all elements of Musical Theater- the music, the Dance and the Drama. Students will begin the semester learning about Musical Theater and participating in creative activities in each area to learn new musical theater skills. Throughout the second half the semester, students will learn more about the technicalities of Musical Theater through preparation for a short end of the semester performance. Sing, Dance, Act and Perform! A great opportunity to be creative for all Drama Queens and Kings!

Storybook Drama - P, E

Recreate timeless stories and make up some of your own in this fun class. Students have the opportunity to become their favorite storybook characters and create their own unique characters through fun creative drama activities. Drama games, movement activities, story re-enactment and story creation will lead students through fun adventures while also developing literacy concepts. The class is a great educational opportunity for students, but will focus on creativity, imagination and fun! A great opportunity for any drama Queen or King!

Yoga Classes

Children's Yoga - P, E

Students will participate in playful poses, yoga games and storytelling through yoga. Yoga classes will assist students in developing physical awareness, coordination and skills; strengthen and develop muscles in a non-competitive and nurturing environment. Yoga also enhances self-awareness, body control, imagination, empathy, self-discipline, focus, attention span and self-esteem. Participation in Yoga can aid in decreased anxiety while soothing emotional and physiological stress and frustration. Through our unique approach to Yoga, children will have the benefit of an active and fun class balanced with calm and relaxation in a kid friendly environment.

Yoga for Pre-teens, Teens, and Adults - MS, HS, Adult

Adult Yoga is offered for all level participants and focuses on individual needs. Flexibility, relaxation, coordination and balance are also included. Increased body-mind awareness as well as breathing are incorporated. Classes offer all individuals; of all ages and ability the opportunity to expand their physical, emotional well being.

**Not all classes are offered at every location, every semester. Classes may be expanded and some classes can be combined to create camps. All classes can also be offered as specialty workshops.